About Sean Mauricette, host for L.I.F.T.

For over 10 years Sean Mauricette a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL has been gifting audiences as a beat-boxer, DJ, lyricist and producer with his unique style of music, where hip hop meets soul. Dubbed “Soul Hop”, Sean has been captivating audiences with his distinct sound, opening for a vast array of artists including De La Soul, Mos Def and Eric Roberson.

After touring the US and UK for his self released album ‘TRAINATHOUGHT’ Sean teamed up with one of hip hop’s most prominent producers, three-time Grammy nominated Herb “Big Herb” Middleton for his latest musical venture, a series of singles, albums and theatrical productions in collaboration with NuVybe Records.

In addition to his accomplishments in music, Sean has been making his mark as an actor. Notable credits include Disney’s Jump In, starring Corbin Bleu, the Sonny Liston biopic Phantom Punch starring Ving Rhames and a highly coveted feature role in an episode of 12 Monkeys starring Aaron Stanford. Adding to his vast array of credits, Sean has authored and published his first children’s book entitled ‘A Name Just For You’.  This heartfelt poem marks him and his wife’s journey to find the perfect name for their unborn son.  The gifted lyricist recently caught the attention of the historic Southern Poverty Law Centre. The esteemed civil rights organization is using Sean’s poems for their alternative-learning curriculum for teachers across the United States.

A graduate from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Architecture, Sean was the first ever recipient of the Arts and Culture Award presented to him by the Black Students Association of the University of Toronto. He was also the recipient of the 2011 Urban Hero Award for Arts & Culture for his work with high-risk youth in Toronto. Working in collaboration with the YMCA and Toronto Community Housing, Sean was the head architectural designer for a one of a kind support centre for young fathers located in the Toronto area as well as the Jane and Finch Centre for Green Change and the Black Creek Community Health Centre expansion project.

Currently the host and keynote speaker for L.I.F.T. (Laying, Important, Foundations, Together), Sean knows that people need encouragement to follow the right path and not be deterred by the negative stereotypes and images perpetuated by society. Sean was presented with the Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the Councillors Association of Ontario, was awarded with the Medal of Appreciation from the United Nations Association of Canada and in 2013 received the esteemed Planet Africa Volunteer of the Year Award.

In 2021, Sean officially opened up his presentations to corporations.  A combination of his various talks and personal experiences, these talks focus on how to address anti-Black racism in the workplace, while offering collaborative solutions on how to dismantle racial bias.  Recently, his presentations for two of Canada’s most prestigious companies were highly acclaimed after setting new records. Hydro One saw the highest level of positive employee feedback for a guest speaker, while the global engineering firm HATCH, enjoyed the highest turnout for any guest speaker in the history of the company.

Through performing, lecturing and mentoring Sean Mauricette continues to cement his role as an active leader in the community.